Justin Hein

Techie by Trade // Ambitious by Nature 




I’ve been engaged with the world of technology from a young age. I started making websites for clients my freshman year of college just because I loved how fun it was to play with code and make something that added value to their business! I’m always paying attention to the latest tech news, including cybersecurity, crypto, app development, and many other exciting topics!


Since registering for my first business at eighteen, I’ve been hooked on how to create products/services that delight customers and meet their needs. Since then, I’ve started two more businesses and earned a degree in business! I’ve already begun to apply so much of what I’ve learned; such as project management, systems analysis and design, and team leadership.


Stephen Covey once wrote, “The key to life is not accumulation. It’s contribution”.  I believe in creating relationships through building community. Whether that’s through economic empowerment, charitable work, meetups or everything in-between. I don’t just believe in giving first, I believe in gifting first, which is to say “I am giving this and never expecting anything in return”. 

A Bit About Me

I’m a innovative and compassionate Colorado native who aims to add value to whatever company or community I’m a part of.

I’ve run several businesses, worked for some incredible companies, and volunteered within impactful organizations. Most of these companies included a focus in entrepreneurship, web development, or SaaS technologies.

I’m currently a Happiness Engineer at Flywheel where I “help creatives do their best work” by ensuring their sites are running smoothly and providing them with delightfully helpful answers!

In my free time, I can be found playing frisbee golf, exploring Denver, reading a good book, video gaming, or cooking! 



Startup Weekend Colorado Springs

My first exposure to the world of startups was during Startup Weekend Colorado Springs 2014, where as a freshman in college I got to network, grow my skills, and ultimately take a concept from pitch to product in just 54 hours. I would go on to be an organizer in 2015 and 2016, and designated Lead Organizer for 2017!

Earned A Bachelor’s of Innovation Degree

I only applied for one college. Not because I couldn’t get into others, rather, because I knew I wanted to experience UCCS’s unique Bachelor’s of Innovation degree program. Replacing your gen-ed credits with entrepeunrialy driven, cross discipline, team focused courses where you work with real clients!

Colorado Springs 1 Million Cups

I had the honor to serve on the organizer team for my local 1 Million Cups. Our chapter brought two local entrepreneurs in each week to present and answer questions about their entrepreneurial journey. I got the opportunity to met some amazing people who taught me about resiliancy and the power of community. 

Founded Ground Up Innovations LLC

Started with two friends from High School, we wanted to create a product design company that addresses a broad range of issues. Prior, we had been meeting each week for two hours to innovate and realized that maybe we could make it into a business. While the business only lasted a year, it sparked my a passion for entrepreneurship. I learned how to register a business, develop a business model, and implement tools/methodologies to manage proejcts. 

Founded QuikCycle LLC

 Born out of frustration with the unavailability of a bike sharing solution in Colorado Springs (at the time) and distant locations at our university, QuikCycle aimed to solve this with an infrastructure-free mobile bike sharing solution. This IoT company utilized a technology that allowed bikes to be unlocked and locked within certain geo-fenced areas. This was a great opportunity to learn how to fail fast, develop an MVP, and manage corporate finances!

Founded Inheinsight LLC

While gaining traction as a reliable, affordable, and design-centric web developer, I decided to form Inheinsight LLC and adopted it as my full-time job for about 8 months while in college. I provided customized WordPress websites,  hosting management, and IT consulting for my clients. Being the sole owner taught me how to wear many hats and I learned quite a bit about business management during this time. 

As an agency partner with Flywheel, I began to realize I loved their culture and product. It was because I started this business that I found Flywheel!


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